Monday, June 27, 2005

Relax in garden furnature

If relaxation is high on the list, what about furniture like hammocks, deck
chairs and the like? Placement of these will add to what you get out of the
garden you have created.

add value to your home

After a while, your garden can look just as you want it to be. In addition
to being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you will be adding to the
value of your home.

low voltage lights

The low voltage cable requires no special installation or conduits. It can
be placed underground or tucked away in an area where it won't be
accidentally cut.

garden setting

Gardening and gardens can mean many things to many people. It can be as
simple and compact as to server as somewhere to look at from within to an
elaborate and breathtaking extension of your home.

tools for the garden

When starting a garden, or "moving" into an established one, you will need
some tools in order to do the job. Upon first inspection, there are all
sorts of tools out there, what do you buy first and what do you really need?


Many gardens will provide more than one environment or opportunity from
which to sit and enjoy it from. So, how do you decide how to use a given

Garden sprinklers

If set up correctly, each type of plant can have the appropriate amount of water delivered to it every time. What about that lawn, ever tried to water that by hand?! Worse still, have you ever set up your sprinkler only to forget it on (some times for hours!)? An automated system will most likely end up saving you money in the long term.

Garden lights

Whether your "patch" consists of a small courtyard or a large garden, outdoor lights can be creatively used to maximise your "out side room". This can range from lighting trees, shrubs, steps, paths, patios, ponds, pergolas, driveways etc to make your garden come to life, in your own unique style.
Paying for someone to create your own nocturnal paradise can be very prohibitive.


There is a massive amount of information available as to what to plant, where and how to plant and the like available on the net these days. What I will be aiming to do is provide some information on how to do it your self in the fields of garden lighting and garden irrigation.